While words can be sounds, not all sounds can be described using words, but here are some words that might:






Moe was born and raised in Lebanon and started playing music in the Beirut music scene in 2010. In 2011, Moe moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he explored the music scene and played with several bands and musical projects. Most notably Ostrea Lake, The Brooklyn Folly, and The Trundlers


For the past 10 years, Moe has been exploring and absorbing sounds from Eastern European Roma music, Lebanese music, jazz manouche, indie folk, post-rock, experimental music, and ambient & atmospheric music. Powered by a guitar, a mandolin, an expressive voice, a pedalboard, synths, drum samples, and a looper, Moe has encapsulated these influences and synthesized them into a unique sound that induces dyschronometria (distorted time perception). 


Bookings & Inquiries: contact@moekabbara.com